Business-Vital-Hotel am Rennsteig Suhl/Thüringen


Zweites Hotel mit dem Gütesiegel Q2
(another hotel awarded the Q2 seal of quality)
A new certificate has been hanging on the wall of the Business-Vital Hotel for the last few days… The hotel, situated on Suhl's Friedberg has been awarded the "Q2" seal of quality by Thüringen's Dehoga (regional section of Germany's Association of Hotels and Restaurants) "This is one of the highest distinctions the Dehoga awards…"
Source: Freies Wort (major regional newspaper) 28.10.2010
Gütesiegel Q2

We have the Hotelnavigator Qualitätssiegel "Sehr gut" - a German online quality award on the basis of visitor evaluation reports. Sehr Gut is equivalent to Excellent.

Hotelnavigator Qualitätssiegel

The hotel with the highest evaluation in 2010 on Top Hotel 2010